Bridger Canyon Schoolhouse

Bridger Canyon School HouseThe Lower Bridger School, commonly referred to as the Bridger Canyon Schoolhouse is a one-room school house located near the 7 mile marker of Montana Highway 86(Bridger Canyon Road) and the intersection of Kelly Canyon Road. The school was established in 1897 and operated as a school until 1956. At its peak, about 15 students from all grades would have filled the room. In 1981 it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Thanks to the preservation efforts of several Bridger Canyon residents, the schoolhouse largely remains the same today as it did when it was originally built, except for the addition of a foyer where students could leave their coats and boots.

Members of the Bridger Canyon Historic Preservation Association have repaired windows and floors, and painted the structure when needed.

Bridger Canyon Schoolhouse FlagThe two outhouses behind the school are still operational.

The schoolhouse has electricity now, and the original wood stove has been replaced with a propane stove.

There is still no plumbing in the schoolhouse.

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