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Christy was born and raised in the Blackfoot Valley of Montana. She graduated from the University of Montana with a degree in Marketing, then followed her interests in Internet Marketing by working for firms in Seattle and Raleigh-Durham. Her work engaged her in the center of the internet and social media explosion.

Eventually, Montana called Christy home. She, her husband, and their growing family settled in Bozeman in 2000, drawn to the recreational opportunities in the area. Her skill in internet commerce grew as she managed her own small business. Business ownership also taught her the necessity for hard work and attention to detail. Christy’s background in marketing and cutting-edge strategies, along with an informed admiration of Montana’s beauty, makes her a perfect match for the real estate profession.

Christy is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable advocate of life in Montana. Her family participates in skiing, boating, fishing, hiking, river rafting, and all the other outdoor recreational opportunities that lie at Bozeman’s doorstep. Her volunteer work with the Bridger Ski Foundation, as well as participation in her girls’ school and sports activities have given her a personal view of schools and recreational opportunities for youth in the area.  She looks forward to sharing her experience with every client who seeks her assistance in the adventure of finding the perfect property in Montana.

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