Architecture Ideas – Bridger Canyon Guest House

This Bridger Canyon guesthouse provides the perfect place for a family to feel both nostalgic and at home. The owners envisioned a guest cabin that would not only be of the region, modestly scaled and historically appropriate, but also textured, layered and personal. With a symmetrical cross-axis design, timbered features, and simple materials, this cabin blends perfectly into the surrounding landscape.

Architect: Miller Roodell Architects
Interior Design: Abby Hetherington Interiors
Construction: Cass Bolton Construction
Country: United States
State: Montana
Area: Bridger Canyon

  • bridger-canyon-guest-house-miller-roodell-01
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  • bridger-canyon-guest-house-miller-roodell-03
  • bridger-canyon-guest-house-miller-roodell-04
  • bridger-canyon-guest-house-miller-roodell-05
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